Current & Upcoming Projects


The Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to partner with the Wings of Hope Foundation on their yearly Gift of Hope initiative.

Information about the program:

Each year up to 25 breast cancer patients (identified as extremely financially distressed and not eligible for other community gift programs) receive a gift hamper during the holidays (Valued between $750 - $1,000). The Gift of Hope program is something we are very proud of because it truly fills a void in women’s lives when they are struggling to be healthy, and for some, very sadly at the end of life.

While some recipients are not able to come to the hospital to pick up the gift bags, most dress up in their best outfits and travel to the hospital in the dead of winter, by transit or by getting a lift from friends, and arrive very excited and so relieved and grateful to receive their hampers/gift bags. There are many tears – of relief, thanks and joy. Many patients are unable to shop or to afford gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Patients receive items carefully selected by our volunteer shoppers to make the holiday season a bit more fun and a bit less of a struggle for them and their families: personal care items, treats, warm, soft scarves & hats and gift cards from drug stores, movie theaters, grocery stores and restaurants.

Gifts of Hope Story:

One woman, told us that she had been feeling hungry and lonely, and had recently dreamed that the sky opened up, raining diamonds down around her. In her dream, she held up her skirt to catch the diamonds, and in her dream she was no longer hungry or sad. When she opened her gift bag, she said her dreams had come true and the gifts we were able to give her were the diamonds she needed to feel loved and healthy.


Our Foundations goal is to inform and educate the public on cutting edge scientific research being done in all stages of FDA approval. We also work hard to create interesting and compelling content to inform the public on possible holistic and healthy lifestyle changes while living with Triple negative breast cancer.

Currently, researchers are working to identify novel drug targets and treatment strategies to more effectively treat, manage and hopefully cure triple-negative breast cancer. This is something the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer SPORE (Specialized Program of Research Excellence) is working to achieve. Much of the research is in its preliminary testing phases, but these are the type of innovative therapies the Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation is excited to support in the future.

  • Immunotherapy, which has demonstrated responsiveness in some patients with triple-negative breast cancer, signalling a potential role for immunotherapy in this tumor type. The Immunotherapy Vaccine can be used in conjunction with chemo and radiation while also showing positive signs in stopping cancer from spreading, re-occurring, or occuring altogether. This vaccine works by boosting the patient’s immune system in order for the body to respond quickly to the presence of receptors on cancer cells.
  • Therapeutic Activation of ERβ, this project arose from the discovery that up to 30% of triple-negative breast cancer tumors express a second form of the estrogenreceptor known as ERβ and it is hypothesized that therapeutic activation of ERβ will result in clinical benefits for patients with ERβ-positive triple-negative breast cancer. The Phase 2 ERβ Receptor Study is a vaccine comprised of the patients white blood cells and tumor proteins to help the body create a natural immune response to kill the tumor cells.
  • Genetic Testing for mutations in breast cancer predisposition genes is a crucial study for triple-negative breast cancer prevention. Women found to have mutations in the cancer genetic panel genes will receive accurate information about their risks of cancer.

The Mayo Clinic is one of many leading institutions conducting research to discover improved methods for prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy for TNBC.


The Deborah Zimmel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation promotes awareness of this deadly disease across Canada by speaking at conferences, symposiums, and workshops in order to connect with influences in the medical, holistic and wellness fields. Most recenly we spoke at the 2018 Breast Pathology & Cancer Diagnosis Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Stay tuned for pictures and videos of this event.